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Alcyomics provides specialist unique assay services (Skimune™) for predicting adverse immune responses and assessment of efficacy of therapeutic monoclonal antibodies. Our assay service is targeting pharmaceutical companies, needing monoclonal antibody comparative studies with Biobetters and Biosimilars. Our mission is also to work with companies to further develop our business via licensing our technologies and or partnering.
Our assays can also assess skin sensitisation and potency of chemicals, cosmetics and house hold products using Skimune™.
Skimune™ is a novel skin explant assay for assessment of adverse immune reactions and immunomodulatory activity of new therapeutic antibodies and for comparative testing of Biosimilars and Biobetters . Skimune™has the potential to reduce animal testing and costs by pre-clinical testing prior to a clinical trial. The assays have aslo been used for contact sensitivity testing of chemicals, cosmetics and household products.Skimune™ a human skin explant assay - non 3D equivalent-is a unique technology to predict allergic responses to chemicals, cosmetics and bio pharmaceuticals eg monoclonal antibodies and antibiotics and improve product safety profiles without the need for extensive animal testing.Skimune™read out is histopathological damage in human skin and and can give a potency assessment not available via 3D equivalent or other models of skin sensitisation.

We discuss preclinical or clinical needs around potential adverse event detection or sensitisation issues.
We tailor Skimune™ test protocols to match partner's needs and put collaborations and/or fee-for-service arrangements in place.

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