Alcyomics Ltd United Kingdom

Alcyomics provides specialist unique assay services (Skimune™) for predicting adverse immune responses and assessment of efficacy of therapeutic monoclonal antibodies. Our assay service is targeting pharmaceutical companies, needing monoclonal antibody comparative studies with Biobetters and Biosimilars. Our mission is also to work with companies to further develop our business via licensing our technologies and or partnering.
Our assays can also assess skin sensitisation and potency of chemicals, cosmetics and house hold products using Skimune™.
Skimune™ is a novel skin explant assay for assessment of adverse immune reactions and immunomodulatory activity of new therapeutic antibodies and for comparative testing of Biosimilars and Biobetters . Skimune™has the potential to reduce animal testing and costs by pre-clinical testing prior to a clinical trial. The assays have aslo been used for contact sensitivity testing of chemicals, cosmetics and household products.Skimune™ a human skin explant assay - non 3D equivalent-is a unique technology to predict allergic responses to chemicals, cosmetics and bio pharmaceuticals eg monoclonal antibodies and antibiotics and improve product safety profiles without the need for extensive animal testing.Skimune™read out is histopathological damage in human skin and and can give a potency assessment not available via 3D equivalent or other models of skin sensitisation.

We discuss preclinical or clinical needs around potential adverse event detection or sensitisation issues.
We tailor Skimune™ test protocols to match partner's needs and put collaborations and/or fee-for-service arrangements in place.

Partnering strategy/collaborations
Fee for service provider
Technology licensing
Partnering/ collaboration in business development
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Dr Shaheda Ahmed
Senior Scientist 
Dr Asif Tulah
Research Scientist 

BioPartner UK United Kingdom

Biopartner UK leads the UK Delegation to several partnering conferences each year and is your point of contact for UK@ Biospain. BioPartner is a UK Accredited Trade Organisation facilitating international partnering for trade, investment and collaborations with Life Sciences organisations across the UK. It is a membership organisation, supporting UK SMEs and startups, and signposting organisations worldwide to UK expertise.

Biopartner has alliances with organisers of international biopartnering events, and with UK membership organisations, operating both independently and in partnership with the UK government. BioPartner disseminates tradeshow access grants to help UK-based SMEs exhibit their services and products in new overseas markets.

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Dr Alasdair Stamps
Ms Lin Bateson
Executive Director 

Collagen Solutions United Kingdom

Collagen Solutions is a biomaterials company developing and manufacturing medical grade collagen components for use in regenerative medicine, orthopaedics, medical devices and in-vitro diagnostic products. Collagen Solutions supplies proprietary custom collagen formulations in addition to offering R&D and contract manufacturing services to a broad range of clients. The markets in which the company operates are substantial; the collagen materials market being around c.£250m with the collagen device market being over £30bn. Given its existing manufacturing know-how and recent access to next generation collagen processing IP, which is expected to drive increased customer awareness leading to development and manufacturing contracts, the opportunity for enhancing the value of this business is considered substantial.

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Dr Stefanie Biechler
LinkedIn logo Global Marketing Manager 
Mr Paul Gordon
LinkedIn logo Commercial Manager, EMEA 

IDACO Consulting Limited United Kingdom

IDACO has an extensive, purpose-built network of personal academic / tech transfer contacts at over 250 universities, including more than 50 in the UK, for pharmaceutical and medical device companies to access in their quest for new collaborative/licensing opportunities. This is particularly useful for both non-EU organisations seeking EU collaborative projects, as well as for organisations seeking additional or alternative means of identifying new opportunities. IDACO has also built up strong outsourcing and commercial/pharmaceutical networks, which can be similarly exploited.

Other services offered by IDACO include:
- Due diligence, evaluation and de-risking of R&D.
- Alliance management and project management of academic collaborations.
- Advice and support on out-sourcing strategies - looking for timely and cost-effective solutions.
- Oversight and project management of outsourced CMC and preclinical projects.

Mr Ian Cox


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Mr Peter Farmer
Business Development Director - Europe 
Dr Inigo Montes
Associate Director, Business Development 
Mr Romuald Menth
Field Application Specialist for ATCC 

PCI Pharma Services United Kingdom

PCI Pharma Services offers Integrated Clinical Packaging, Global Distribution, Developmental Laboratory Services in US and Europe. Scalable solutions supporting early Phase I through large scale Phase III/IV

Clinical development support services:
Complementary services in North America and Europe
Project management - including WebFlow (secure client portal for supply chain visibility)
Manufacturing & Packaging - Fast Track and JIT solutions for expediting clinical trial supplies
Storage & Global Distribution

Support services including:
Logistics planning, Qualified Persons, Language Translations & labelling, Analytical and Formulation Development, etc. Comparator sourcing

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Ms Clelia Chauvin
Business Development Manager 
Mr Grant Jones
Business Development Manager 

Scottish Development International United Kingdom

Scottish Development International is a government-funded organisation which provides access to key Scottish product and service companies in the life sciences, together with research and clinical expertise from Scottish Universities and Research Institutes and financial support programs to support your development.

Scotland’s life sciences sector consists of over 650 organisations employing over 32,500 people and is one of the world's leading centers for stem cell research and regenerative medicine. Scotland has built a reputation as one of Europe's leading locations for the development of new tools and technologies, as well as the clinical assessment of new cell-based therapies. These strengths are based on the connectivity of the translational, clinical, analytical and regulatory support mechanisms.

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Mrs Enikö Delzenne
Senior Business Development 

SYNthesis Research Ltd

SYNthesis med chem is a provider of small molecule drug discovery services. Our focus is on the provision of world class medicinal and synthetic chemistry. We fit seamlessly into a client’s company to add capacity and insight to their drug discovery programs. We work with your scientists to accelerate programs from hit-to-lead through to lead optimisation and beyond. With a team of experienced biotech professionals we can contribute to an internal program or independently run a discovery effort. We understand the need for flexibility and cost effectiveness in drug discovery and aim to provide a scalable service to our clients.

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Mr Simon Bury
Head of Business Development 
Prof Andrew Wilks
CEO & Executive Chairman 

XenoGesis Ltd United Kingdom

XenoGesis Ltd. is a laboratory-based contract research organisation (CRO) specialised in preclinical drug metabolism & pharmacokinetics (DMPK), quantitative bioanalysis and expert interpretation. The core XenoGesis team has an enviable track record of delivery in drug discovery.

It is clear that identifying poor compounds early through scientific rigor is key in preventing progression into more expensive pre-clinical tests. Even a minor improvement in early-stage drug failure prediction will result in significant time and cost savings for R&D companies. Specifically, XenoGesis can identify the potential ‘winners’ and ‘losers’ in a selection of compounds synthesised in drug discovery campaigns. Moreover, providing iterative feedback to the research team based on the results and recommending next steps is a key focus for XenoGesis.

We combine our state-of-the-art in vitro, in vivo and bioanalytical capabilities with our expert pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic (PK/PD) data interpretation services.

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Dr Richard Weaver
Ms Laie Abello
Research Scientist