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Click here or use the Search option above, to display profiles and representatives of UK based companies registered through BioPartner to attend the conference. All UK companies attending are listed on the UK@Biospain page.

This directory has been compiled to assist recognition of UK delegates and to encourage networking. Companies that registered for the conference through BioPartner UK are shown; all other UK delegates can be reached through the conference partnering system. Please note, this is not a partnering site, nor a source of contact information. Event enquiries should be directed to ASEBIO via the conference website link above.

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Members of the UK Delegation can login to this site to change your entry, upload a photograph, or add a LinkedIn link. 
Use the 'forgotten password' option if needed. Contact us to request a full entry, or to register with a discount to attend the conference, click here.

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If you would like to make contact with anybody displayed on this site, or need assistance please call or email BioPartner: enquiries@biopartner.co.uk

+44 (0)20 7193 7815